Quit Your Landline

It’s Time to Quit Your Landline: Here’s Why


Unlike most of your friends, you’ve been holding onto your landline over the last few years and have enjoyed its many benefits. However, you might just be doing yourself a big disservice by holding so tightly to it. Did you know that there are options that can provide many of the same benefits as a landline without the downsides?¬†

Your Landline is a Dying Breed

If you still have a landline, you know that you’re in the minority: only 40% of all American homes have a landline at this point. This number is a huge drop since 2011, which has seen a cell phone increase from 35% up to 97% of all Americans. The landline is dead: why do you cling to it?

Maybe you get a great bundling package with your internet provider. It’s a common strategy for providers, as they can get people to buy into landlines by offering them at budget prices. These packages often include cable and even internet connection options.

Perhaps you own a business at home and want to create a more professional appearance. That’s understandable because many people may feel like a cell phone number makes a company seem less professional. While that perception is changing, it is still prominent in many parts of the world.

But what would you do if you could find a phone option that saved you money and provided the same basic benefits of a landline and more? You’d probably want to upgrade, right? Thankfully, there is an option that you can consider that should help you quit your landline for good.

Find a Replacement

People who want the benefits of a landline but who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg may find that voice over internet protocol or VoIP works well for them. Billions of businesses are already using this communication method, though it has yet to become prominent in the residential sector.

VoIP sends phone calls over broadband internet connections and can provide many of the same benefits as landlines. First, they can provide a permanent place for your phone calls and can even hook you to your current phone line and let you use your phone to make calls without a huge upgrade fee.

Just as importantly, this option can also provide many of the same benefits as a cell phone. You can call using VoIP using any approved internet source, so you could call from your phone using your number when you’re on vacation. Or you can sync it to your cell to create a single number.

Should You Try VoIP?

If you think that quitting your landline is a wise choice, but you aren’t sure where to begin, it is important to talk to a few different VoIP providers to learn more about this service. Doing so can help you better understand the unique options available to you as a person. You may even discover a multitude of money-saving methods that may help you budget more effectively.

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