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As a business owner, your website is a powerful marketing tool for your company, so it must be accessible to everyone. However, some users online with disabilities like visual impairments, cognitive disorders, motor impairments, and more cannot access your site. As a result, you can reach out to them and lose a significant chunk of your sales opportunities with them. Moreover, the laws of the land have mandated that web accessibility is not a luxury only to be given to the privileged few. It is a legal and fundamental right of everyone who uses the Internet for eCommerce and information.

Installing AccessiBe is an intelligent choice

In the past, web accessibility was expensive, especially for small business owners. They hired web developers to check the site content and fix issues. The expenses were never a one-time affair as when updates to the browser or the site were made, the codes used to break, and the project of fixing web accessibility errors had to be started all over again!

The advent of AccessiBe has now changed the scenario, and it is the first web accessibility overlay tool infused with the power of artificial intelligence. It is an automated tool that provides immediate solutions for fixing web accessibility issues. This tool scans your site to look for accessibility errors and fixes problems in under 48 hours.

The costs of this tool are super affordable, and business owners can opt for an annual subscription of $490 a year or monthly packages for their needs and budget.

Installation of this tool 

Users with disabilities can enjoy a seamless browsing experience. The installation process for this innovative accessibility overlay is simple and quick for business owners. When the tool has been successfully installed, the site’s widget for setting the accessibility profiles appears. Users with disabilities can choose shapes from a dropdown menu and navigate the area with the Tab and the Enter buttons on the keyboard.

Compatibility with screen readers and keyboard navigation 

They can also enjoy the benefits of screen readers and keyboard navigation, which are complex applications to run on your site. Installing the tool helps you eradicate the tensions of whether your site is ADA or WCAG compliant or not. The device will run a scan and offer you a certificate of compliance and an accessibility statement after you install it and allow it to scan your site for the first time.

The developer team behind AccessiBe is constantly working on ways to make the tool better. They are devoted to giving users with disabilities a seamless and enjoyable navigation experience with your site. Once you download this tool, it works in real-time in the background to check the content every 24 hours. You do not have to spend money on its upkeep or maintenance, as the developer team takes care of its updates from the back-end so that you can focus on your core business needs and enhance the web browsing experience of users with disabilities to your site with success!

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