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Top French web hosting – Comparison of the best Hosts


Why not opt ​​for a French web host? France has very good players in the field, starting with the essential OVH, today the European leader in web hosting . But OVH is not the only Made in France solution. There are others, less known, but often very competitive. We will show them to you.

Without further ado, here is a comparative table of the 3 best French web hosting solutions in our opinion: 02 Switch, Ikoula and OVH. We will then detail our top 10 of the best French solutions with, in particular, the details of the offers offered. Good reading !

Founded in 1999, OVH provides European customers with basic hosting products and other web services. Today, the company has over 800 employees, 17 data centers and over 180,000 servers, working together to provide reliable, high-value hosting solutions across Europe. OVH is now focused on developing cloud hosting plans to help customers succeed in this time of constant change. OVH promises that its websites will remain accessible 99.9% of the time. This guarantee stems from OVH’s confidence in its network structure, based on several data centers and top-quality network equipment, servers and software.

  • The variety of its services
  • Relatively affordable prices
  • OVH offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, with a response time of five minutes or less in the event of an outage
  • Confusing interface, inconsistency with the countries OVH serves.


For individual hosting, OVH offers the Kimsufi Web package at €1.79/month or the Personal package at €3.59/month. For Business hosting, OVH offers the PRO package at €7.19/month or the Performance package at €11.99/month. Finally, there is the Cloud Web package at 11.99€/month

Ikoula has been on the market since February 1998 and provides good quality hosting to its customers. Unlike many hosting companies that started in the early days of the internet, Ikoula has managed to stay innovative and competitive. They have kept up with the latest industry trends and they continue to grow and develop. They currently host over 35,000 sites on over 5,000 servers. The business is financially independent, which gives it stability and greater control over the direction of the business and how it serves its customers. Ikoula states that they were the first hosting company to sell 100% dedicated servers, the first to sell to 2.0-MS MSQL 2005 packages and they also have many other innovations available. They are clearly capable of finding the latest technologies and determining which ones will be successful so that they can offer them to their customers. In addition to hosting, you can purchase domain names, use their security features, email hosting, and more.

1&1 is one of the most successful hosting providers in France, but also around the world. 1&1 guarantees high-level performance with always-on scalability, high speed with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.2, and reliable security with geo-redundancy, DDoS protection, and SSL certificate. It offers scalable performance for your web projects. It combines web servers and web space in a single platform and HTTP/2 network protocol for encrypted data to deliver high-level performance for all your projects. Web hosting packages at 1&1 allow you to meet your growing visitor numbers, launch your online store and increase the number of parallel running processes.

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