Laptop Touchpad fixed

How to get your Laptop Touchpad fixed?


If your laptop touchpad has stopped working, do not fret because here you will learn how to fix it and resume your tasks. A non-working touchpad is a common issue that you can easily resolved with the help of a professional laptop repair company in your city. Make sure you book an appointment from a professional laptop repair company for laptop repair at home by expert technicians because it’s safer and more convenient. However, before jumping on the laptop touchpad fixes, it is important to understand why it is not working.

Problems that can Make Your Laptop Touchpad Stop Working

Your laptop touchpad can malfunction for various reasons. However, when it becomes problematic, you will face two conditions, either it will work improperly or completely stops working. See why it happens and you need to get in touch with a laptop repair service expert for the same.

  • Frozen Operating System
  • Defective hardware
  • Disabled touchpad settings
  • Corrupt or outdated drivers
  • Corrupt software or files
  • Accumulated dirt & dust

Hire a Professional for Laptop Repair Service at Home to Quickly Fix Your Laptop Touchpad

The best and quickest fix for your laptop touchpad is hiring a professional. These experts have years of experience in the field of laptop repair in Ghaziabad therefore, they can resolve the problem in the best way.

During laptop repair at home, the experts will identify the potential cause for the problematic touchpad. They will do the following things to touchpad’s issue identification and resolving:

1. Restart Your Laptop

Many laptop problems get fixed by simply turning it off and on, including touchpad issues. In the case of frozen or unresponsive operating system, the other features on your laptop also stops working and device turning off can resolve it.

2. Look for Dirt

If you eat or drink near your laptop, chances are high that the touchpad has become inoperative due to accumulated dirt. Therefore, the laptop repair experts will remove the dust with a microfiber cloth, compressed air, and a little amount of isopropyl alcohol & distilled water.

3. Enable the Trackpad settings

You may unknowingly disable the trackpad settings with Fn or Function keys. Therefore, the technicians will check the settings and restore the touchpad’s functionality pretty easily.

4. Update the Device Drivers

As mentioned above corrupt driver can also cause touchpad problems, the professionals from laptop repair service company will check the same. And, if any outdated/corrupt driver is identified, they will update it!

5. Remove Bluetooth Devices

Sometimes paired devices can also create problems in your laptop. Therefore, the experts will check for any external device issue by disconnecting your USB or Bluetooth devices and restarting your laptop.

This is how to get your laptop touchpad fixed. A laptop repair at home service is always a good option for such problems.

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