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Grande Internet: Self-Installation or Professional Installation


Grande Communications is a Texan-based internet service provider that offers top-notch internet, cable TV with home phone services to the American market. Interestingly, this ISP, even though ranked as one of the top ISPs in the country, is only limited to the state of Texas. Recently, the provider has rebranded and is now called Astound Broadband, powered by Grande.

The Installation Process

Hiring a professional to install the modem provided by Grande Communications Networks can simplify and speed up the installation process. However, there are countless benefits of setting the modem on your own as well. Self-installation is pretty simple if you are familiar with the technical lingo and know, how to play around with the provisioned hardware. However, if you are not comfortable and don’t understand your way around the laptop, we suggest that you ring up customer service and request professional installation. Nonetheless, it is recommended to thoroughly read the self-installation guide as this would prepare you when the installation process takes place. This will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Should You Opt For Professional Installation Of Your Internet Device?

If you are already using a working cable line, then the pro-installation process will be straightforward and rapid.

The Basic Process

Simply set up an appointment with the service provider and request for a technician to install the hardware of your new network. Once your technician arrives at the specified time, request for a more involved activation, in which the user will have to present confirmation of their I.D. In the case where no adults are present, the minor will have to confirm their appointment and ensure their I.D. If you are renting an apartment or a villa where you want to install the new service, you will need to provide proof of the respective property owner’s approval before the technician begins the installation process.

Advantages of Professional InstallationOf Your Internet Device

There are plenty of advantages to opting for a professional installation process. One, the customer is saved from all that hassle, whether it’s moving the furniture around to align rightly with the wall outlets or just figuring out the cable modem’s firmware. Two, the professional has a better idea of how to resolve any potential issues that may pop up unexpectedly. They ensure that all complex problems are sorted out and your internet is up and running as promised by the provider. Three, Grande does not request any installation fee, so you can safely request a technician to handle and manage the installation of your firmware.

Or, Should You Opt For The Self-Installation Of Your Internet Device?

The best part about Grande Communication Network is that it installs and rents the latest equipment so that you have a guaranteed fast and reliable internet connection. After all, it is foolish to expect a stable and smooth connection when the installed firmware is outdated and not in line with the latest.

The Basic Process

For the process, the provider sends in a self-installation kit that contains the equipment (modem, power cord, modem stand, and coaxial/Ethernet cables with splitters) and an instruction guide to help you while providing additional troubleshooting tips and tricks for efficiently managing the installation and afterward. Once everything’s plugged in and set up, check the various lights on the modem and see if they are blinking or stable. This will show whether the modem is activated for the internet to see if the service is up and running. Connect any one of your devices to ensure that the connection is up. If you encounter any issues, consult the troubleshooting section of your guide or contact customer service for technical assistance.

Advantages of Self-InstallationOf Your Internet Device

Although self-installation is more complex than its professional counterpart, there areadvantages, related to this kind of installation process. You don’t have to worry about setting up an appointment with the service provider. This saves up a lot of time at the customer’s end as they can install at their own time and pace. Unfortunately, if you are not tech-savvy and have no interest in the technical aspects of your device, then you may need professional guidance from the experts in person.

The Bottom Line… Which Is Better?

The final verdict is that self-installation is not a piece of cake and isn’t meant for everyone. If you enjoy DIYs and look forward to handling the nitty-gritty of your internet devices, then self-installation is not much of an issue. However, if you are a self-assured technophobe and thoroughly dislike dealing with modems and related equipment, then it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional. Ultimately it all depends on the needs of the customer(s) and what they are comfortable with. However, even after the installation, you are still not happy with the service, we suggest that you checkout buytvinternetphone where you will find numerous ISPs of the region under the roof! Select a provider, that ticks all the right boxes.

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